Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Steeles Tavern Manor and Alpine Hideaway Cottages proudly approved as a Virginia Green Lodging facility!

Today is Earth Day! But now every day is earth day at Steeles Tavern Manor Bed & Breakfast and Alpine Hideaway Cottages.  We recently received our Green Certification from Virginia approving us as a Virginia Green Lodging facility. 


We are committed to use environmentally friendly cleaning, laundry, and bath products. 

We use locally grown products in the foods we serve both at breakfast and social hour and include local products in our Celebration Package.  We also plant our own herbs and vegetables during the summer season and use them in our breakfast entrees.

We added recycling bins for the guests to recycle bottles and cans. And we ask guests to conserve as well by reusing towels and bed linens during their stay. 


And, finally, we utilize a wood burning furnace during the winter months to provide heat to the first floor and to heat the water in the Manor House.

We are proud to be a VIRGINIA GREEN LODGING!  www.VirginiaGreenTravel.com

Come stay at our Virginia Green Lodging facility!

Ray and Melissa Alexander

Thursday, April 3, 2014

BARKING DOG – STAUNTON VA..….. What is everyone yelping about?

A super great wine bar, The Barking Dog, has opened in the heart of downtown Staunton last year.  It is a wonderful place to sit, relax, chat, and have a glass of wine or purchase a bottle.  Prefer beer? No worries. The Barking Dog has 50 craft beers available.  Whether you are walking the streets of Staunton or need a place to stop in prior to dinner or waiting for your Shakespeare Theater show to start, this is a perfect place to chill out.  
With your favorite beverage, you can order a wonderful cheese plate or delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.  Ray and I tried the Double Cheddar Tomato Jam sandwich on sourdough. It takes you back to your childhood days of eating a grilled cheese with tomato soup. And all sandwiches are served with Route 11 chips. We also shared on of the cheese plates (check out the picture!) with our friends, Walt and Jeannie, over a few bottles of wine! 

Its name….The Barking Dog.  Why did owner John Reese name his establishment as such? He named it after his 3 daschunds: Charlie, Franklin and Oscar.  But soon John will be renaming his establishment to ....The Yelping Dog.  Reason?  It is a legal thing. But who cares about the name. It is the same wonderful place, same owners, with a new name.  

John also offers wine tastings monthly either during a Saturday afternoon or a weekday evening. Ray and I attended his last one. Adam Breske from Siema Wines poured 6 wines. The cost….a small donation ($5) is collected for the local SPCA. How appropriate! It is a great way to taste different wines. 
Visit us, visit Staunton and definitely visit the Barking (Yelping) Dog.
Hours:  Tue-Thur  11am – 9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 12pm-6pm. Closed Mondays.


Ray and Melissa